Sunday, December 2, 2012

How to survive a dance from a girl's perspective

How to survive a dance from a girl's perspective

Hey Hawks! (written by 7th grade leadership girls)
Your palms are sweaty, you don’t know what to wear, but don’t worry! We’re here to help you survive your next dance....from a girl’s perspective. Here are a few unsaid rules. First off, no sport shorts. This is not basketball practice....we don’t care if your mother has to dress you, just no sport shorts. And ladies, this is not a wedding, no five inch heels or strapless dresses. It’s breaking dress code and just. not. practical. Okay so, people, we know all of our students are amazing, but this is middle school, no freaking. Please. Save us the scars and save your pride, ok?
Now some tips for your slow dance. Girls put your hands on your partner’s shoulders and boys, put your hands on your partner’s waist. Do these simple things and it’s not as scary as it sounds. Do not put your hands anywhere else. I’m talking about  boys and girls. Next for the slow dances, if someone asks you to slow dance and you don’t want to, turn them down nicely....but the best thing to do is to say yes. Even if you don’t like them, they deserve respect. Please for everyone, don’t try to make awkward convo while you’re slow dancing. Remember, these are just our opinions!
Now we have some school rules and your biggest tip of all. First of all, no freaking! I know we said this before but it’s against school rules and more importantly it makes some people extremely uncomfortable, so it’s worth repeating. This is still at school so you still need to be dress code. They do hand out PE clothes if you are violating dress code. and really, who wants to spend the whole night in those things?! what happens if you take pics with your friends and your in your PE clothes. It doesn’t make you look cool, and you’ll feel really self concious. if you get concessions, don’t go overboard. You don’t want to spaz out on sugar high especially if that cute classmate of yours is there. Lastly, the most important thing of all, the biggest unsaid rule, be yourself. You are awesome and perfect just the way you are and you don’t need to have someone ask you to dance or have to be in the group with the  “popular” people. Just hang out with your friends  and have a good time. That’s the most important thing of all.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Middle School Dance Tips from a Boy’s Point of View

Middle School Dance Tips from a Boy’s Point of View
by Selim, Max, and John T.

When you go to your first dance, you don’t really know what to expect, and you might be nervous. We get that. We’ve got lots of experience from our sixth grade year, and we’re here to give you some tips for an awesome, fun, and cool Hillview dance! Believe it or not, we actually survived! I know right it’s so shocking!

1. Don’t be a “wallflower”. Being a wallflower means that you are always
standing alone near the walls. Instead, you should be in a group or in the crowd, even if you don’t know many people. Dances are supposed to be fun, so be social! Also, you might want to consider coming in a group of friends to talk to and socialize with, because don’t you always want friends there to hang out with you?

2. At the Hillview dances, there are always snacks and other stuff that you can buy, so bring some money!! If there is someone special, maybe treat them to something from the snack bar, or ask them to take a photo with you. If you want a really special dance, you might want to try one of those.

3. Don’t be shy. If you’re shy, you might not get the chance to do lots of fun things at the dance. You might not even get to do a dance with the person you were going to ask. If you are shy though, ask some friends to help. They can help you feel better and maybe give you the courage to ask that person.

4. DANCE! Come on people. It’s a dance, and you shouldn’t just stand around and not do anything! It doesn’t matter if you are dancing with one specific person, in a group, or even alone! Even going around and kinda half dancing, half talking with friends is totally cool. Sometimes it gets hot inside, and it’s totally normal to step outside for a bit.

5. Make sure you are prepared for the dance. For starters, bring some money. If you bring money, you can buy drinks, snackie-poohs (ask Mr. Rogers about that for more info), a picture with your friends, and to pay for your dance ticket if you didn’t order it during the week. We strongly recommend that you buy your dance ticket(s) during the week, because it can get busy in the line at the dance. Also, don’t forget to dress up. The Hillview dances usually have themes, so you should dress up according to the theme! Of course, the dress-ups are always optional, so even if you don’t dress according to theme, you should wear something nicer than everyday casual clothes.

6. Asking people. When people ask you to dance with them, even if you’re not totally in love with them, you should probably say yes. You never know, that person maybe really wants to dance with you. Also, if you ask someone and they say no, don’t spend the rest of the dance alone and sad because you were rejected. Instead, you should try to get over it and enjoy the rest of your awesome Hillview dance!

Those are some things that we encourage you to try for your Hillview dance! And  remember, make it a great dance or not, the choice is always yours!!! (By the way, 6th graders only have one dance, so make it the best!) If you have any questions, comment on this post and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible! We hope you have a great Hillview dance and year!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Keep our school....CLEAN!

How to and Why Keep Our Campus Clean.
by: A 7th Grade Leadership Student
Trash has been collecting around our school. Everyday, after lunch, I see a massive trash bank. And yet every day, our amazing custodian, Mario, cleans it up. So why not just pick up your trash? We should be picking up after ourselves It’s as easy as:

  1. Eat your lunch/snack properly
  2. Check for your own trash when you are done!
  3. Pick up the trash/recycling and put it in the correct bin.

No one wants a campus full of moldy carrot sticks, right? This is a brand-new campus! We don’t want to ruin it after barely four months! Take our old campus, for example. It was nice, but there was trash in many places. If that happens to our new, donut-shaped building, it will just pile up in the corners, since it’s hard to get blown out of the quad. It is down lower than the rest of the school, for instance. It will pile up by the stairs. And not all “trash” really is trash. It could be recycling, or compost. All ChoiceLunch is compostable. But not everyone does! It’s not only bad for our school (overflowing trash bins), but bad for the environment as well! 

Take the initiative; help keep our campus clean!

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Leadership Elective according to a 7th grader

"Why you should take leadership in 7th grade" 
by a 7th grade student
Leadership is a great elective because it helps people become more responsible, nicer, and better at dealing with difficult situations in life. We also learn how to deal with bullies, and to not become one. Leadership is a great elective also, because the teacher, Mr. Darmanin, is very good. He is funny, and makes jokes in class, so nothing ever gets boring. And we even play games on Fridays. And we sometimes even get a reward if your team wins the game! Also, we get to use the computers to type things, and there are usually no wrong answers in the questions. As long as you participate in the discussion and try your best, you will probably do good in this class. Also, you don’t need any other skills to join. People usually don’t join the music elective if they  don’t play any instruments. People usually don’t join robotics if they are not interested in that. But this class, it is very good because anyone can do well in this class, as long as they have a positive attitude, and are hard working. We watch interesting videos in class to help us learn too, and we usually get to sit with our friends as long as you aren’t disrupting the class with talking. He also shared funny stories, like how he stepped on a nail once. If you enjoyed the advisory elective in 6th grade, then you will enjoy this elective!

Handshake, by Aidan Jones

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Being a Bucket Filler! (A 7th Grade Leadership Challenge!)

Being a Bucket Filler! (A 7th Grade Leadership Challenge!)

In leadership, Mr. Darmanin is a big believer in bucket fillers. Everyone has a bucket inside of them, if your bucket is full then you have a lot of self esteem. While if your bucket is empty or almost empty, you have low self esteem and will not have very much confidence or people are making fun of you and just not being nice to you. The challenge that Mr. Darmanin gave us,= was to each make 20 people’s day better by giving them a high-five, inviting them into your group, fist bump, helping them out, giving them a compliment, telling them a joke, or any nice thing you could think of that you could do to 20 people to help them fill their bucket. At first, I have to admit, the first person I went up to was a little bit hard to find a way to give them a high-five, but after that I felt so happy about making them feel better I barely even thought about it, I just found a way to fill their buckets.
Our goal was that every student that was in a leadership or advisory class, was to fill 20 people’s buckets each, getting a total of 960 student’s buckets filled up higher in a day. As we were walking around, we thought that it was just another assignment, and didn’t think it would make a difference, but the look on their faces was priceless after we complemented and gave a high-five to kids randomly, how happy they were, and how much it meant to them to have their buckets filled especially if they were having a bad day. To me this isn’t a challenge anymore, it is a way of living because I enjoy putting smiles on other people’s faces and making them feel good. Also its always a good thing to let people know that others do actually care about them.

Some Ways YOU Can Fill Buckets

1. If you see someone alone at a lunch table, invite them over to join your group. Believe it or not, you don’t always have to eat with the same lunch posse, you can switch up your lunch period and eat with other people.
2. If someone gives you a tip or suggestion, even if you don't like it please say thank you, awesome idea, and give them a high-five. Most people don't know how much that can mean to someone.
3. If at all you see someone making fun of someone else, you should immediately step in or get a teacher to stop it. Bullying is NEVER ok, but it actually makes someone feel better if you step in and defend them, so they know someone cares.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Making a Small Difference

Making a Small Difference
by 7th Grade Leadership Students

Compliments, high fives, and handshakes seem like little actions but they end up making a big difference. Yesterday in leadership we chose to walk up to another hillview student and do one of these things. To some kids these gestures will make their day to others it will just give them a small boost, but either way these compliments helps them (fill their bucket). When we went up to kids around the school and gave them handshakes,high fives, and compliments some of them really appreciated them and others complimented us back. At that moment we felt good about ourselves and that made us want to compliment more and more.

If I were to do this again today, we would cheer on kids if they’re playing basketball or a noon event. I would give them high fives if they did something well and compliment them. If I see somebody who’s bucket is drained, I would compliment them till they it’s overflowing. I would text/chat with them online, or I would maybe ask them to hang out and find if we have anything in common. Anything that you do would at least fill their bucket a little, and thats all we want at hillview we just want a nice happy environment.

These small differences are important at Hillview because they raise peoples self esteem, and make them a lot happier and when kids are happy, teachers are happy too....then everyone wants to help one another, and at Hillview we don't want people to put other people down and take from their bucket in a perfect world it would great if Hillview kids would give and give and never ask for anything in return. That’s what Hillview should be like, one of the best schools in the nation!

One high five, one compliment, one acknowledgement could boost a person’s self esteem to invent something great. Imagine if Steve Jobs got bullied, he’d be afraid to express his imagination in technology. If Neil Armstrong was made fun of to go to the moon, would anybody have gone by now? If somebody has just given somebody a high five, we could be in Mars. These small differences make a big difference and people don’t know. All we have to do is compliment, high five, and acknowledge.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Why the Class of 2013 is awesome!!

There are many reasons why the class of 2013 is the best. Even though we have had our part in making trouble, I have found that we, as students, are there for each other. We are always there for each other in any situation and there are so many people who respect and care about others and you. Also, it is such a great environment to make new friends because most students are accepting of others.

The class of 2013 will be the first class ever to graduate from the new Hillview. This is important because we will be remembered for years to come. We have the honor to be remembered as great Hillview students. The 8th grade students this year has been able to experience ipads and with the new school will be able to up stairs and when we get the new field will be able to set great examples on the turf. All these privileges help us grow into what we want to become and I know that the 8th grade students will be able to accomplish their goals and dreams.
Throughout the past 2-3 years we have grown to know each other as more than peers, we have come to count some as family. That is a great quality we possess so we carry these friends with us our whole lives as someone to turn to, that is something we can cherish forever.

Through the drama and the laughs, we as people have shined through and conquered middle school with teachers we trust, and with new found responsibility we are ready to move on to the challenge of high school. I am confident that we will create new memories, both sad and happy, with these qualities that we have inside of us we will get through it strong and shine as people.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pros and Cons of the iPhone 5

Pros and Cons of the iPhone 5
by Max and Selim

Hey Hawks! Most of you know that the iPhone 5 was released in 2012. You want an iPhone? We’re gonna tell you some good reasons (and some bad ones) to get the iPhone 5.

First of all, the main reason to get the iPhone 5 is because it’s thin, fast, and fun! One of the best things on the iPhone 5 is the new Siri. Siri can check your email, make a reminder for a test or event, which can be really helpful. If you need to make note of something really fast, you just say it to her and she will get it down really fast. AND, if you’re bored, you can have a totally random conversation. (Even though Siri can be a bit rude sometimes.) Some more good features are the apps on the iPhone. For 7th and 8th graders, there’s an Edmodo app, where you can see all the posts from your classmates and post if you have a question! Another great feature is that, even with all your school features and other things, there is an iPod app. Now, some of you are thinking, “NO WAY. WHAT?” You can listen to your music on the same device as all the other cool features. YES WAY!!!
But, of course, there are some bad features on the iPhone 5. One of them is maps. The new maps app was supposed to be really good, but... IT’S NOT. On random occasions, when you type in an address to get directions to, it just won’t let you. It just won’t. The back of the iPhone 5 is a new material. The white is one is plain color, and the black one is painted black. The material on the black scratches off because it is painted. So, if you get one, either get the white one, or get a case right away!
Those are some good reasons to get the iPhone 5. It can help you with your homework and assignments, and with normal everyday things. So, what do you think of the iPhone 5? Comment below.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

6th Grade Memories

6th Grade Memories

       By: Natalie and Megan

As 7th graders, we thought it would be cool to look back on our first year at Hillview. We interviewed some students and researched what they thought about 6th grade. We interviewed: Alexa, Kate, Emily , Katherine, Lanie , Sophie, and of course, each other! We asked them only one question and it was “What did you like most about 6th grade?”

Alexa is from the academy Caracol and she liked the murals #artsy and the hot food lunches on thursdays #yummy!   Kate is from the academy Tikal. What she had liked about 6th grade was that she was in Mr. Espinoza’s homeroom/flex, she loved the murals, meeting new friends and the food on Thursday lunches!

Emily is from the academy Chichen Itza. What she had liked about 6th grade was that she liked all the people, her teachers, school spirit, and the Thursday hot lunches. yummy! :) 


Katherine is from the academy Chichen Itza, her homeroom Ms. Staff. She mostly liked the murals, hot lunches, the dance, meeting new friends and “funness” in 6th grade.

Lanie is from the academy Caracol. What she enjoyed most was the Greek Fest and her academy pride.

Sophie is from the academy Tikal, what she liked most about 6th grade was the dance, hot lunch, new friends, and the teachers

Natalie is from the academy Chichen Itza, her homeroom is Mr. De. What she liked most about 6th grade was the hot food lunches, the dance, her teachers, and meeting new friends.

Megan is from the academy is Tikal. What she liked most about 6th grade was the Thursday hot food lunches, being in Mr. Green’s homeroom, meeting new friends and the Greek Fest. 

What the majority of what we all liked about 6th grade the most was the hot food lunches, meeting new friends, and the teachers. Sadly we don’t have hot food anymore on Thursdays, and we have moved grades and on to the next teachers. But this year we will find out what we enjoyed about school this year and we will get to know are teachers better, and look back in 8th grade and see what we liked about 7th grade. Now go and create your own memories!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10 Ways to Earn Your Block H!

10 Ways to Earn Your Block H!
This blog article is written by a Block H holder here to share their secrets to success. 
Earning your Block H can be hard, or SUPER easy! Coming an actual 8th grade Block H holder, I earned mine quickly and easily. I got mine in 7th grade and was able to go to Raging Waters even though my color team did not! If I can do it, I’m sure you can tooooooo!

• Leadership • School and Community Service •Performance • Scholarship  

You have to earn at least 10 points in each of these sections. At the max, you can only earn 50 in each. Okay, on to the top ten tips.

Le Top 10

  1. Government- I wasn’t in the executive student council although I was a homeroom rep. a couple of times. This is the best way to earn points if you are terrified of running for executive board.
  2. Spirit Days- Dressing up is really easy and is a fun way to earn Block H points. You have to get creative though and you have to show effort to get credit.
  3. Ball Hut Worker/ Flag Monitor- Super quick and easy! Plus, it's a great way to learn responsibility.
  4. Volunteering- Helping out with school event and activities, dances or assemblies. You can even clean up a teachers classroom during lunch. You'll feel good during your service and earn Block H while you do it.
  5. Sports- By playing your favorite sport you can also earn a few points. If you're not a Sports person, you can also earn performance Block H by being involved in music, HawkTalk, or taking the Drama elective.
  6. Noon Events- Help your color team get victories by participating in noon events. Everyone should try this at least may love it!
  7. Library Helper- Helping scan books at either lunch or recess can earn you may block H points per trimester. They have parties and snacks all the time too!  :P
  8. Peer Tutoring- It’s a double win! You can do your homework while helping other people :)))))
  9. Musical Instruments- Joining Band or Orchestra can help you earn a ton of points. You earn a couple points for every performance you participate in. These add up!!
  10. Get good grades and show a TON of effort- That can give you scholarship points as it's all about the effort.

Here’s the link to the instructions and other info on Block H. It also shows the maximum points you can get per trimester.--->

I hope these tips were helpful! Getting your Block H is awesome, because you have loads of privileges. You can skip lines, get discounts, go to raging waters, you get to attend parties and its just a great accomplishment. Actually, the greatest part about the Block H is knowing you EARNED it.