Friday, September 14, 2012

6th Grade Movie Night & Social is here!!

If you're a Hillview 6th Grader....there's a good chance you've heard of tonight's event. Admission is FREE and we'll be having a color team game to get things going to earn Hillview's first spirit points of the year. Doors open at 5:45pm and the event will end around 8:30pm. Parents, use the circle-drop off and limited parking for a safe and fun event! Bring a blanket and/or a pillow because it's an indoor "camp out" style event inside the new performing arts center. Are you coming???


  1. We loved the Movie night!!! Despicable me is the new most popular movie for movie night! We hope there is another only 6th grade movie night!!!

  2. Movie night was SOOO fun!!!!!

  3. Loved movie night Thanks ASB council + Great Choice of the movie think like a 6th grader!


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