Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10 Ways to Earn Your Block H!

10 Ways to Earn Your Block H!
This blog article is written by a Block H holder here to share their secrets to success. 
Earning your Block H can be hard, or SUPER easy! Coming an actual 8th grade Block H holder, I earned mine quickly and easily. I got mine in 7th grade and was able to go to Raging Waters even though my color team did not! If I can do it, I’m sure you can tooooooo!

• Leadership • School and Community Service •Performance • Scholarship  

You have to earn at least 10 points in each of these sections. At the max, you can only earn 50 in each. Okay, on to the top ten tips.

Le Top 10

  1. Government- I wasn’t in the executive student council although I was a homeroom rep. a couple of times. This is the best way to earn points if you are terrified of running for executive board.
  2. Spirit Days- Dressing up is really easy and is a fun way to earn Block H points. You have to get creative though and you have to show effort to get credit.
  3. Ball Hut Worker/ Flag Monitor- Super quick and easy! Plus, it's a great way to learn responsibility.
  4. Volunteering- Helping out with school event and activities, dances or assemblies. You can even clean up a teachers classroom during lunch. You'll feel good during your service and earn Block H while you do it.
  5. Sports- By playing your favorite sport you can also earn a few points. If you're not a Sports person, you can also earn performance Block H by being involved in music, HawkTalk, or taking the Drama elective.
  6. Noon Events- Help your color team get victories by participating in noon events. Everyone should try this at least once....you may love it!
  7. Library Helper- Helping scan books at either lunch or recess can earn you may block H points per trimester. They have parties and snacks all the time too!  :P
  8. Peer Tutoring- It’s a double win! You can do your homework while helping other people :)))))
  9. Musical Instruments- Joining Band or Orchestra can help you earn a ton of points. You earn a couple points for every performance you participate in. These add up!!
  10. Get good grades and show a TON of effort- That can give you scholarship points as it's all about the effort.

Here’s the link to the instructions and other info on Block H. It also shows the maximum points you can get per trimester.---> https://sites.google.com/site/hillviewstudents/block-h

I hope these tips were helpful! Getting your Block H is awesome, because you have loads of privileges. You can skip lines, get discounts, go to raging waters, you get to attend parties and its just a great accomplishment. Actually, the greatest part about the Block H is knowing you EARNED it.


  1. thanks for the tips. i really want to earn my block h

  2. this is really helpful!

  3. I swear this year I ll get a block H because last year i didn't care muck=h.

  4. yay we can get block H faster. thanks again.


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