Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Being a Bucket Filler! (A 7th Grade Leadership Challenge!)

Being a Bucket Filler! (A 7th Grade Leadership Challenge!)

In leadership, Mr. Darmanin is a big believer in bucket fillers. Everyone has a bucket inside of them, if your bucket is full then you have a lot of self esteem. While if your bucket is empty or almost empty, you have low self esteem and will not have very much confidence or people are making fun of you and just not being nice to you. The challenge that Mr. Darmanin gave us,= was to each make 20 people’s day better by giving them a high-five, inviting them into your group, fist bump, helping them out, giving them a compliment, telling them a joke, or any nice thing you could think of that you could do to 20 people to help them fill their bucket. At first, I have to admit, the first person I went up to was a little bit hard to find a way to give them a high-five, but after that I felt so happy about making them feel better I barely even thought about it, I just found a way to fill their buckets.
Our goal was that every student that was in a leadership or advisory class, was to fill 20 people’s buckets each, getting a total of 960 student’s buckets filled up higher in a day. As we were walking around, we thought that it was just another assignment, and didn’t think it would make a difference, but the look on their faces was priceless after we complemented and gave a high-five to kids randomly, how happy they were, and how much it meant to them to have their buckets filled especially if they were having a bad day. To me this isn’t a challenge anymore, it is a way of living because I enjoy putting smiles on other people’s faces and making them feel good. Also its always a good thing to let people know that others do actually care about them.

Some Ways YOU Can Fill Buckets

1. If you see someone alone at a lunch table, invite them over to join your group. Believe it or not, you don’t always have to eat with the same lunch posse, you can switch up your lunch period and eat with other people.
2. If someone gives you a tip or suggestion, even if you don't like it please say thank you, awesome idea, and give them a high-five. Most people don't know how much that can mean to someone.
3. If at all you see someone making fun of someone else, you should immediately step in or get a teacher to stop it. Bullying is NEVER ok, but it actually makes someone feel better if you step in and defend them, so they know someone cares.


  1. I will really try to use those tips to fill other peoples buckets! I hope someone does too, then hillveiw will become a better place!!

  2. I think that everyone should try this to help the school environment!


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