Friday, November 2, 2012

Making a Small Difference

Making a Small Difference
by 7th Grade Leadership Students

Compliments, high fives, and handshakes seem like little actions but they end up making a big difference. Yesterday in leadership we chose to walk up to another hillview student and do one of these things. To some kids these gestures will make their day to others it will just give them a small boost, but either way these compliments helps them (fill their bucket). When we went up to kids around the school and gave them handshakes,high fives, and compliments some of them really appreciated them and others complimented us back. At that moment we felt good about ourselves and that made us want to compliment more and more.

If I were to do this again today, we would cheer on kids if they’re playing basketball or a noon event. I would give them high fives if they did something well and compliment them. If I see somebody who’s bucket is drained, I would compliment them till they it’s overflowing. I would text/chat with them online, or I would maybe ask them to hang out and find if we have anything in common. Anything that you do would at least fill their bucket a little, and thats all we want at hillview we just want a nice happy environment.

These small differences are important at Hillview because they raise peoples self esteem, and make them a lot happier and when kids are happy, teachers are happy too....then everyone wants to help one another, and at Hillview we don't want people to put other people down and take from their bucket in a perfect world it would great if Hillview kids would give and give and never ask for anything in return. That’s what Hillview should be like, one of the best schools in the nation!

One high five, one compliment, one acknowledgement could boost a person’s self esteem to invent something great. Imagine if Steve Jobs got bullied, he’d be afraid to express his imagination in technology. If Neil Armstrong was made fun of to go to the moon, would anybody have gone by now? If somebody has just given somebody a high five, we could be in Mars. These small differences make a big difference and people don’t know. All we have to do is compliment, high five, and acknowledge.


  1. this can help hillview!

  2. If everyone did this I think it would make Hillview even better!


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