Monday, November 19, 2012

The Leadership Elective according to a 7th grader

"Why you should take leadership in 7th grade" 
by a 7th grade student
Leadership is a great elective because it helps people become more responsible, nicer, and better at dealing with difficult situations in life. We also learn how to deal with bullies, and to not become one. Leadership is a great elective also, because the teacher, Mr. Darmanin, is very good. He is funny, and makes jokes in class, so nothing ever gets boring. And we even play games on Fridays. And we sometimes even get a reward if your team wins the game! Also, we get to use the computers to type things, and there are usually no wrong answers in the questions. As long as you participate in the discussion and try your best, you will probably do good in this class. Also, you don’t need any other skills to join. People usually don’t join the music elective if they  don’t play any instruments. People usually don’t join robotics if they are not interested in that. But this class, it is very good because anyone can do well in this class, as long as they have a positive attitude, and are hard working. We watch interesting videos in class to help us learn too, and we usually get to sit with our friends as long as you aren’t disrupting the class with talking. He also shared funny stories, like how he stepped on a nail once. If you enjoyed the advisory elective in 6th grade, then you will enjoy this elective!

Handshake, by Aidan Jones


  1. leadership sounds fun we will join leadership next year.

  2. I agree with you. He is very active and fun


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