Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Hillview Cardboard Carnival

Hillview Events
Cardboard Carnival
By Hugo and Alec

Designing the cardboard carnival was an intricate process that took a few days. We started out with crazy ideas, including dropping things from the second floor, golfing from an airplane, and throwing diamonds at fish. The planning stage started out with a giant piece of paper to brainstorm our insane ideas. After the planning stage, we collected materials. Tons of cardboard, duct tape, and hot glue were amassed. We started building our games, with nothing but ideas, cardboard, and duct tape, we set to work making our dream games come to life. We spent a few weeks building the games. This project helped the leadership students learn how to work together.
Seventh and Eighth grade leadership students formed into groups of four or five. Creating unique games for people to play. Fear struck the hearts of the creators when over a hundred and fifty kids stormed into the PAC. We only expected fifty and wow were we intimidated. For half an hour, we managed lines, told kids to stop cutting, and awarded prizes. Leadership students learned just how hard it was to be a teacher, managing a hundred and fifty kids with the help of only Mr. Darmanin was a  fun and challenging experience.
“Very fun, cool, and surprising that you can make games out of cardboard” -Madeline M.
“I thought the photo booth was very fun and enjoyed taking pictures” -Cassie A.

   Many great Games were made, like YOGO, You Only Golf Once; where you only got one shot to get a hole in one! Ski Ball, where kids get three shots to try and get a ball through a clown’s nose by rolling it up a ramp. Whack-a-celebrity, where a person under the box stuck hands with socks on them and pictures of celebrities, up a hole and people whacked them. Who could forget Around the World Basketball, where you tried to roll a ball down a ramp, and make it in a hole trying to get Tic-Tac-Toe. Overall, most people’s favorite games were Around the World Basketball, and Whack-a-Celebrity, I mean, who doesn’t like smacking Liam Payne on the head with a cardboard mallet? Kidding, kidding...

Many of the kids at the Carnival were Sixth Graders, however, lots of older kids showed up as well. Many kids came to the first annual Cardboard Carnival and tried their luck at the numerous games. Many won prizes, and we can’t wait for next years cardboard arcade!!