Sunday, December 15, 2013

Yearbook Photo Competition!!!

Hey hawks! This is a once and a lifetime opportunity to join Hillview Yearbook’s first ever monthly photo competition! All you need to do is tag your picture to yearbook on Instagram account OR send your pictures to The Hillview Yearbook Club will then pick our favorites each month… and you could possibly have your picture put in your very own 2013-2014 yearbook! The monthly photo categories follow…

-January- Most formal picture (Wear fancy clothes and -snap your camera!)

-February- Action shot!! (dunk a basketball, do a flip, dive into a pool, skateboard of a rim…. What ever it is, make sure you have your camera!!)

-March- Most Hillview students in ONE picture (Get all your friends in One picture and send it to us!!!)

Thanks! And I hope we can see your pictures SOON!!:) And remember… block H points will be awarded!!


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