Thursday, February 6, 2014

Noon Event: Minute To Win It Edition

Minute to Win it at Hillview!
Last Friday ASB put on a noon event – Minute to Win It competition where the 7th graders pulled ahead. The events included PUDDLE JUMP, where contestant had to blow three sets of ping pong balls into a red solo cup as the pictures below describe:

In this event Sydney Williams came out on top (7th grade), and in fact, beat the other contestants by a landslide. Wasn’t exactly a close match… but good luck to the 6th and 8th grade students next time!
Secondly ASB ran an event called BACKFLIP, another minute to win it game. This game made contestants throw up two pencils and have to catch that. To make it more difficult, they had to continue to add two pencil, creating 6 rounds, that put the students to the test as they are shown below:
Many couldn’t complete the last rounds, flipping 12 pencils, but fortunately all contestants never gave up. GREAT JOB HAWKS!

Now let see some pictures from the actual event!!

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