Thursday, May 8, 2014

Election Results! Congrats to our 2014-2015 ASB!!!

We are so excited to announce the results and introduce our 2014-2015 Hillview ASB!!!!

Elected Officers: (8)
President:  Jack Larkins
Vice President:  John Mills
Secretary:  Izzy Carhart
Treasurer:  Cody Weibe
Co-Activities Commissioners:  Lucy Kuhnen & Lauren McDonnell
Co-Media and Technology Commissioners:  Peter Vitale & Lauren Baker
Cabinet Members: (28)
Amir Arami                         Alicia Letvin                       
Abby Goudey                      Devan Shanker                   Jakob Rauen
Jayla Hill                              Barrett Long                       Amanda Mihovilovic
Kate Zanolli                         Lindsey Johnston               Sarah Osterberg
Julia Thyfault                      Aya Sugiura                        Aya Cortez
Sarah Lehman                    Logan Wilson                      Chase Wagner
Daven Subbiah                   Jagan Subbiah                    Will Peterson
Lauren Ferguson                Louisa Calhoon                   Meghan Child
Nicolette Brewer                Kayla Blau                           Ben Ferrick
Agathe Vasseur                  Ella Begovic                        

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