Thursday, May 8, 2014

May Mahem is upon us!!

Stay tuned all month long for May-Mayhem Challenges for spirit points!! May the best team earn their trip to Raging Waters! Will it be 6th grade? 7th grade? 8th grade? May Mayhem may be the deciding factor!!!

Here's a message from your ASB about May Mayhem!

Attention all Hillview students- as some of you may know hawkapalooza will be on the last day of school this year instead of before raging waters. This means hawkapalooza will not be a spirit competition but it will be an incredible day of fun bigger and badder than last year. To counter this we have created a spirit point extravaganza!! May mayhem is here! There are to be many games coming up as the month of May continues. Starting next Monday and ending Tuesday there will be a song lyrical guess. Every other day there will be a new game. These games will be in any style, on the iPad, during lunch, toy drives, during Hawktalk or on your own time. Which grade wants it the most? We'll see, all games are open to all grades and spirit points are given by participation only AND Spirit week next week which will be a good start. More information will be given soon. Make sure to compete because raging waters is anybody's game and these games can easily be the deciding factor! Good luck hawks and may the best grade win!

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