Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hillview 6th Grade Movie Night!!!!!!!!!

Hillview 6th Grade Movie Night!!!!!!!!!

After weeks of planning and preparation for the movie night, the night had finally arrived.
Lines of bustling 6th graders entered the PAC to buy candy, brownies, and cookies, then headed into the PAC to play lots of fun games before the movie. As a tradition, the 6th graders did not know the movie. They were surprised by the posters and decorations with the theme of the movie: The LEGO Movie!

The 8th graders in ASB decided on the movie a week before. The Lego Movie was a
great movie about growing up and being yourself, suitable for movie night. Many students
seemed to enjoy it and had a great time at the movie night. Approximately 210 students
attended. Before ASB played the movie, they played two games.

–Omniken bounce: the entire crowd had to bounce the giant Omniken ball from the
bottom of the seats in the PAC to hit the wall.

–The rubber face challenge: ten volunteers had to get a rubber band from under their
nose to their neck.

After those exciting games, it was time for the movie. The crowd cheered, and laughed, and sang the songs. They enjoyed assorted candies, such as Snickers, Twix, peanut and regular M&Ms, Skittles, and so much more. During the Intermission, they bought soda, chips, and slushies!

Overall, the movie night was a success! The sixth graders had a blast, and the ASB had a great time too!


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  1. That is s unfair. I wanted to watch the Lego Movie. Anyway I love the Lego Movie. Welcome to Hillview sixth graders. I hope you enjoy these next 3 years cause Hillview is awesome!


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