Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dance and Halloween one week from each other! Who authorized this?

Hey, Hawks, guess what? Friday October 24th is the Halloween dance! Wait what's that? One week from the dance is Halloween? Might as well give you Hawks some info about the events! The Halloween dance will take place on friday October 25th and will be a blast! The dance will iclude wicked (get it) decorations, an amazing DJ, and snacks that will blow your mind! The tickets will be 5 dollars for ASB card holders and 7 dollars for non ASB card holders, but tickets will be 7 dollars regardless at the dance so buy them soon! Tickets came on sale on October 20th and were sold for the whole week. Friday October 31st will be Halloween and we will have many things such as a coustume contest, monstrous decorations, and the amazingly spooky candy exchange! See you hawks there! 

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