Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Jelly Bean Guess!!!

Hey Hawks! Your media and technology commissioners here! On Friday the 18th, your ASB hosted a Jelly Bean Guess! It was a really fun event and so many people guessed! It was a cool to see how competitive you Hawks were and how you guys got so into it. The number of jelly beans was 1,438 and the Trailblazers won with a guess of 1,435! Good job guys!! We had so much fun putting this event together and we got some really cool photos!!

People even tried calculating the volume!

Tons of people guessed!

Your ASB sat right along with you!

Shreya Arora, Sydney Harris, Ainsley Carpenter, Mia Nelson, Bella Shermis, Samantha Cotto, and Sara Milanfar had fun watching y'all guess!!

We ran Music in the Quad as always!

Marit Hoyem, your ASB president bonding with sixth graders!!

 This event was so fun to put on, and we hope you guys had fun too!! We'll be doing a different sort of game this Friday, so stay tuned for that, and make sure you get your music requests in by Thursday, as thats when we finalize the playlist. Thanks Hawks, and we hope you have a great rest of your week!!

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