Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Meet Your 2015-2016 Hillview ASB!

Meet your 2015-2016 Hillview ASB!

Marit Hoyem, President
Sofia de la Vega, Vice President
Hannah Baum, Secretary 
Sarah Lindsay, Treasurer
Samantha Cotto, Co-Activities Commissioner
James Ballard, Co-Activities Commissioner
Bridget Patrick, Media and Technology Commissioner
Mia Nelson, Media and Technology Commissioner
Callie Meyer, Cabinet Member
Angela Chan, Cabinet Member
Ainsley Carpenter, Cabinet Member
Sydney Harris, Cabinet Member
Sara Chiang, Cabinet Member
Shreya Arora, Cabinet Member
Laila Thompson-Wainer, Cabinet Member
Donya Fakrai, Cabinet Member
Nell Fahey, Cabinet Member
Jessie Hazard, Cabinet Member
Charlotte Anderson, Cabinet Member
Bella Shermis, Cabinet Member
Jack Maiden, Cabinet Member
Rebecca Frost, Cabinet Member
Carly Retterer, Cabinet Member
Nate Viotti, Cabinet Member
Timmy Gee, Cabinet Member
Sara Milanfar, Cabinet Member
Michael Yu, Cabinet Member
Juliette Dignum, Cabinet Member
Ava Honerkamp, Cabinet Member

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