Thursday, October 29, 2015

Trick or Treat....for CANS! (here's how!)

1. Decide who your Trick or Treating group is
2. Decide on a route you will follow, and in what neighborhood (stick to houses you know in your own area)
3. Complete the blanks on the letter provided here, to let your route homes know how you will be returning to collect cans.
4. Pick up donations and work with your parents on how those donations will be delivered to the bins at Hillview
5. Deliver to Hillview bins for your spirit points on Monday!! THANK YOU!!!

If you have questions reach SilveHawks Service Team leader Robin Buckley at

Click the picture below and then print it! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Clubs Fair

We hosted the awesomely amazing clubs fair this past Friday, October 2!!! It was a blast to see what the amazing students of Hillview are interested in!!! We got to talk to some people to see what these clubs were all about and we had so much fun meeting more of you Hawks! We got some pretty cool photos from this event and wanted to share them with YOU!!!

Sooooo many of you Hawks flocked to the tables set up in the quad. 

The coding club was there!

As was the Dance and Cheer Club!

The Silver Hawks Service Team was there!

The Pokemon Magic Club made an appearance!

As did the French Club!

Girls Learn International was there!!

Club 41 was there!

Debate Club was there!!!
This event was so fun!! We had a blast listening to you Hawks and clubs are such a great way to meet people in our amazing school!! There is such an incredible variety, there is something for everyone to do!!.