Monday, May 9, 2016

Hillview ASB Elections 2016 (Ballot 2 of 2)

ALREADY KNOW HOW TO VOTE? Click Here to Go to the Final Ballot!

Not sure how to vote? Read below! 
Ballot Opens: Monday (after speeches)
Ballot Closes: Tuesday (end of school day)

Read all directions before clicking on the ballot to understand HOW TO VOTE!

STOP! Rules for Voting
Your vote is your business only! Do not share it.
Only 6th/7th graders are eligible to vote
Step 1: You will see a login screen. You must use your Hillview user name without the (ex: jsmith, NOT and you use your Hillview user name password (middlenamebirthday)

Step 2: You will then see the available  categories with a box that says "VOTE NOW".  The categories change based on who we are voting on that day. It will be "grayed" out once you use your vote, so choose carefully as votes cannot be changed.

Step 3: Click on either 1 or 2 candidates (some categories allow for multiple selections), click SAVE MY VOTES to record your vote! Note: The screen will not change, but it will say "VOTE SAVED".

Step 4: Click the blue "HOME" button in the upper left hand corner to return the other categories and cast your remaining votes.

REPEAT STEPS 1-4 for the other categories and you are done!

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