Thursday, December 1, 2016

Spanish for Spanish Speakers Book Drive

Hillview's 8th grade Spanish for Spanish Speakers class is running a book drive from Monday, December 5th to Friday, December 16th! All books donated will benefit George Mayne Elementary School in Alviso, CA, which doesn't have as many resources as we are fortunate enough to have at Hillview.

How can I donate books? 
Books will be collected every morning before school AND at brunch from December 5th to December 16th. 

What type of books should I donate?
New and lightly used books will be accepted. As George Mayne is an elementary school, please donate books that would be appropriate for students in grades K-5th. Also, both English and Spanish books will be accepted.

How many books should I donate? 
Our school goal is 1000 books; If each student brings in at least two books, we will certainly reach our goal. Since this is an academy competition for the second trimester, the academies in each grade will win spirit points according to how many books each academy donates. So, donate as many books as possible!

How many spirit points?
The winning academy in each grade will win 20 spirit points, the academy in second place will win 10 spirit points, and the academy in third place will win 5 spirit points. This will give the academies who win a nice lead in the spirit competition!

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