Monday, June 18, 2018

Our End of Year Goodbyes

Dear Hillview,

It's been a good year. We've been able to plan three dances, create a forum for political action in the wake of a mass shooting, host a community movie night, put on incredible spirit competitions, elect our successors, and make Hillview a better place. You are all a part of this, so your attendance at our dances, your voices at our Walkout, and your participation in our spirit competitions have been the times when you've been an active member of ASB this year. We're sad that we're going, but here's what we want to leave you with: your participation is what keeps Hillview such an awesome place, and it's what fuels all future innovation and fun. As a favor to next year's ASB, buy an ASB card. Learn our new fight song next year. Cheer at their first rally. New traditions and events take time, but having enthusiasm and participating to the fullest is what helps our new ASB, and by extension you, leave a legacy at Hillview for years to come. We can't thank you enough for sticking with us this year - but we'll certainly try. Thanks a million, and we'll miss you!

Hillview ASB 2017-2018